Is Your AED Ready to Shock?

The AED unit is a sophisticated electronic device, even if they don’t always look like it. The AED allows medical treatment to be delivered to the patient from someone with no medical training by: Interpreting dozens of heart rhythms and delivering a shock only to... read more

Naloxone Home Kit – Information Training

Background Across Canada people are dying from opioid drug overdose. Opioids are primarily used to relieve pain. Examples of opioids include oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl, heroin, codeine, etc. These drugs can be highly addictive and are frequently abused. As a result... read more

Chase McEachern Act and AED Units in Ontario

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units have been becoming more common. You might have seen an AED unit in your local community centre, church, mall, and fitness centre. AED units are designed for public access and use in the event that there is an emergency... read more

Public AED Units

Public Access AED units have been making a difference here in Ottawa since 2001 when the units were first installed. The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Paramedic Service have placed AED units in all recreation centres (pools, arenas, and fitness centres), libraries and... read more

First Aid Training Bill C-240 passes second reading

MP Brian May has proposed Bill C-240 which has successfully passed it’s second reading in the House of Commons. This bill would provide individuals with a 15% tax credit for those who obtain first aid training. This Bill is aimed to help promote the importance... read more

What is a Joint Health and Safety Committees?

A Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) is a committee comprised of workers and the employer. JHSC’s must have at least two people and must represent the workers and employer. Joint Health and Safety Committees are designed to identify health and safety concerns within the workplace. The role of the JHSC is to bring these issues to the employer to help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

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First Aid Workplace Qualifications

WSIB Workplace Qualifications Ontario workplaces must follow Regulation 1101 through WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board). All workplaces must comply regardless of how small the business is and how few employees work there. Details regarding Regulation 1101 can be... read more