WSIB Workplace Qualifications

Ontario workplaces must follow Regulation 1101 through WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board). All workplaces must comply regardless of how small the business is and how few employees work there. Details regarding Regulation 1101 can be found on the WSIB website. Below you will find a brief overview of the certification requirement for popular industries:

Examples of Course Requirements in Ontario

Ontario Workplaces: Emergency First Aid & CPR or Standard First Aid & CPR (relative to number of employees)
Child Care Worker: Standard First Aid and CPR Level C
Dental Offices: CPR Level C (Level HCP recommended)
Nursing Home Worker: CPR Level C (Level HCP recommended)
Personal Support Worker: Standard First Aid & CPR Level C
Personal Trainer: CPR Level A (Level C recommended)

Please remember that these certification requirements are based on the minimum requirements based on industry requirements. It is always best to speak to your workplace supervisor or hiring supervisor if you are unsure about which certification you require.