Health and Safety Committee

A Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) is a committee comprised of workers and the employer. JHSC’s must have at least two people and must represent the workers and employer. Joint Health and Safety Committees are designed to identify health and safety concerns within the workplace. The role of the JHSC is to bring these issues to the employer to help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

A Joint Health and Safety Committee is mandatory for the following:
• Any workplace that regularly employs 20 or more workers
• Any construction projects expected to last three months or longer (with 20 or more workers)
• Any workplace (other than a construction project) to which a designated substance regulation applies (see Occupational Health and Safety Act for designated substance list)
• Any workplace dealing with toxic substances where an order has been issued under OHSA (section 33)
• Any workplace where the Minister of Labour orders one to be established

Smaller Workplaces
Workplaces with more than five but less than 20 workers are not usually required to have a JHSC. Instead, treatment workers need to choose a worker from among themselves to be a health and safety representative.

The Ministry of Labour provides a Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees and Representatives in the Workplace.