Public Access AED units have been making a difference here in Ottawa since 2001 when the units were first installed. The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Paramedic Service have placed AED units in all recreation centres (pools, arenas, and fitness centres), libraries and service centres. Through grants from the ACT foundation and the Heart and Stroke foundation, elementary and high schools across Ottawa have had AED units placed as well.

AED units were originally deployed in facilities that have a high volume of public traffic or fitness activities being held onsite. The purpose of these units is to facilitate life-saving emergency medical treatment to someone in cardiac arrest (heart stopped).

There have been many situations in which these life-saving devices have been used and saved Ottawa resident’s lives. Just recently on November 12th, 2016, a man collapsed at a marital arts studio in Ottawa and was saved by quick thinking and a nearby AED unit. The AED unit was available at the community centre across the street from the studio.

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