MP Brian May has proposed Bill C-240 which has successfully passed it’s second reading in the House of Commons. This bill would provide individuals with a 15% tax credit for those who obtain first aid training. This Bill is aimed to help promote the importance of first aid and CPR training as well as provide some financial aid (and incentive) to get trained. Although their are many services, ongoing first aid and CPR training can be costly. This Bill would not apply to businesses who are required by Provincial legislation to have employees trained, rather focus on providing a tax credit to individuals.

Bystander CPR (first on scene) is so incredibly important! The chance of resuscitation is significantly increased when early, effective CPR is performed. Having more of the population trained in these life-saving techniques can increase overall survival rates within the country. With almost 1/3 of Canadian’s living in a household with no first aid or CPR training (2012 Ipsos Reid survey) this Bill could help more Canadian’s become trained.